Montachem Our ESG Policy

The Montachem leadership team recently finalized the company’s ESG Policy. This Policy will continue to shape and guide the organization’s commitment to our core values of global sustainability, social justice and governance.


Montachem International, ESG Policy

The creation of and adherence to a thoughtful and proactive ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) Policy is critical to our collective future. At Montachem International, our mission is to operate our business with a demonstrated commitment to the highest level of ethical standards of conduct both at home and abroad. 

We are committed to lifting our workforce, expanding our sustainable investments, and upholding the principles of US and international law. We are committed to being a responsible industry leader. 

Our operations are guided by strategic priorities within governance, environmental, and social classifications. Each area has initiatives and committed outcomes, which support both our short- and long-term objectives to responsibly engage with the international community. 


The Three Pillars of Our ESG Policy:

Environment – Ecological Impacts, Waste Containment, Waste Reduction, Recycling, Circular Economy, Energy Efficiency.

Social – DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), Professional Development, Health and Safety, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Accident and Safety Management, Training and Education, Human Rights, Labor Standards.

Governance – Business Ethics that adhere to both US and International Law, Whistle Blowing, Code of Conduct, Risk Management, Anti-Corruption, Anti-Bribery.



Montachem International maintains business operations that demonstrate our dedication to global environmental sustainability. We collaborate with partners who share our commitment, and we focus on developing innovative solutions, educational programs and tools that support the circular economy and impact the future. 

Our efforts in the environmental space focus on recycling and controlling/ending plastics pollution. We are committed to our plastics recycling program, which we activated in 2018. Each year, Montachem International collects plastic waste along the streets and beaches of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. We transform that plastic into desks that are comprised of 100% recycled PE and PP. These desks are then donated to underserved Haitian schools and replace unsafe wooden desks no longer suitable for use. 

Our corporate goals include a commitment to improve our distribution and shipping practices to limit our environmental footprint through performance-driven objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) that are consistently monitored and reviewed. 

Our ESG efforts bring both internal and external stakeholders to the table in informing our approach to sustainability and ending plastics waste and pollution. We foster a culture of innovation and encourage our management, workforce, and the community to develop ideas on new ways to deliver on our commitment. We strive to contribute to a world free of plastics pollution. 



Montachem International nurtures a corporate culture and environment where all employees are valued, respected, have opportunities to grow and learn, and are safe. 

We believe that our work culture thrives when we bring together unique visions, ideas, perspectives, and experiences. Our goal is to continually improve on our diverse and inclusive environment where each individual in our workforce can perform to their full potential. We believe that a diverse workforce lends itself to higher engagement, which leads to happier employees, higher retention, increased creativity, innovation, and performance. 

Montachem International partnered with Nova Southeastern University (NSU) to develop an educational initiative which conducts annual student workshops along with a competition to create innovative solutions related to global plastic pollution issues. 

We support and contribute to programs that support higher quality education for underserved communities. 



Montachem International maintains a zero-tolerance approach to corruption and bribery, and we uphold a whistleblower policy that supports and protects those who call out offenses. 

Montachem International maintains robust principles and practices related to honest, fair business exchanges and a detailed governance that strictly adheres to US and international law.