Montachem Brazil Participates in Plastics Webinar

On September 23, 2020, Montachem participated in the webinar Challenges of the Manufacturing Industry in the Current Scenario of Raw Material Scarcity, moderated by Plastico Industrial, a Brazil-based technical and commercial magazine.  

Roberta Duarte, Montachem Sr. Sales Manager – Brazil, along with Rogerio Mani, President of the Brazilian Association of the Flexible Plastic Packaging Industry (ABIEF), and Flávio Venzon, Director of Manufacturing and Quality at Sulbras Moldes e Plásticosaspects, discussed factors within the international community that led to the current plastic resins scarcity.
In a dynamic dialogue, Roberta, Rogerio, and Flávio debated topics including the heathcare crisis caused by COVID-19, the political crisis during markets reopening, and manufacturing and logistics issues