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Even with a road map for zero carbon goal, task is ‘quite mind-blowing’


The European plastics industry has an ambitious plan to be more circular and reach net zero carbon emissions, but as a panel discussion at K 2022 showed, getting there will be a challenge.

The plan, contained in the April report “Reshaping Plastics” by the trade group Plastics Europe, said the industry would need to step up dramatically to reach zero carbon emissions by 2050 and boost the recycling rate above its current 14 percent in the nearer term.

On the panel, held Oct. 19 at the Plastics Europe booth (Hall 6, Booth C40), there was some skepticism about getting there.

K 2022 attendance slips 21%, exceeds expectations

About 176,000 visitors came to K 2022, which was a drop of about 21 percent compared with the last show in 2019.

Show organizers were happy nonetheless, with both the quantity and quality of visitors. Prior to the show, officials had said they didn’t really know what attendance numbers to expect in this first major international plastics show since the start of the COVID pandemic.

“We had a very, very intense trade fair,” said Ulrich Reifenhäuser, chairman of the exhibitor advisory board, at the fair’s closing news conference on Oct. 26. “The only thing for me to do is grin.”


Plastics Industry Association talks economy, reorganization, NPE

In a wide-ranging news conference at K 2022, the Plastics Industry Association, one of the big U.S. trade groups, talked economic data, new leadership in the organization and plans for its next NPE show.

The Washington-based association released a summary of its annual “Global Trends” economic report at the K 2022 show. The numbers were skewed by inflation, but the group said its data showed some positives in global trade trends, with volumes in 2021 returning from a 2020 coronavirus drop-off.

“2022 is shaping up to be a pretty good year for the plastics industry,” said Perc Pineda, chief economist for the association. “It’s 2023 that’s clouding the amount of uncertainty because of the global phenomenon of higher inflation, higher interest rates and higher energy prices.


Evco invests in sustainability, students


U.S.-based injection molder Evco Plastics Inc. is looking into the future of sustainability by contributing $100,000 to the plastics program at University of Wisconsin-Stout. The donation will focus on sustainability research. To further support the university, Evco staff will provide technical support to the Stout researchers throughout the year.

“The program in general is designed to leave students with an understanding of the physical processing [of plastics] and material analysis,” said Cole Amborn, project engineer.

Evco has been supporting Stout’s plastics engineering program for about 10 years now, but this is the first year that the company has funded a specific topic. Evco chose to target sustainability to help offer solutions to customers.

Reshoring a bright spot for US plastics industry

Global resin markets are improving, but still face a good number of challenges.

These topics were in focus on a recent webinar hosted by M. Holland Co., a major resin distributor based in Northbrook, Ill.

“We’re in a unique situation, because there aren’t many fiscal levers to pull to affect the economy,” Executive Vice President Dwight Morgan said on the webinar. “Part of the problem was that the economy wasn’t totally recovered from the great recession [of 2007-08] when the pandemic hit.”

Money supply also has created demand, he added, with U.S. core inflation for September up 8.2 percent from the prior year.

A sneak peek into upcoming plastics treaty talks

Advocates for addressing plastic pollution and circularity on a panel at K 2022 said they have their eyes on upcoming talks for a global plastics treaty.

Several panelists at an Oct. 21 discussion, organized by the trade group Plastics Europe, said they hoped the treaty talks, which begin at the end of November, will lead to changes in how plastics are managed. Recommendations from participants included improving working conditions for people who collect plastic waste in developing countries; creating transparent rules to better measure plastic footprints similar to carbon footprints now; and upgrading global standards to make recycling more of a national rather than local issue.


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New York startup replacing single-use containers with reusable PP

Fed up with seeing takeout containers and coffee cups littering New York streets, entrepreneur Caroline Vanderlip sought to craft a system that would reduce single-use waste.

The idea began in 2019 with a desire to overhaul the to-go industry with reusable containers. But after months of development, it became clear that it would be a risky challenge to disrupt consumer behaviors.

Instead, Vanderlip decided on a more targeted approach: a reusable dishware program that would partner with corporate cafeterias, schools and other institutions to replace single-use packaging with containers that could be washed and recirculated. That is the premise of Re:Dish, a Williamsburg-based startup officially founded in 2020 that says it has diverted more than 22,000 pounds of trash from landfills and other waste systems so far this year.




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