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House Democrats try again on pellet legislation


Congressional Democrats are trying again with legislation requiring much tougher rules on resin pellet discharge from plastics factories, reintroducing legislation that passed the U.S. House of Representatives last year but stalled in the Senate.

Rep. Alan Lowenthal, D-Calif., is bringing back legislation requiring the Environmental Protection Agency to quickly write new rules prohibiting discharge of pellets from manufacturing plants.


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Report reveals ‘dirty climate secrets’ of PVC flooring

A report by Oakland, Calif.-based Center for Environmental Health says vinyl flooring manufacturers release higher levels of carbon dioxide and toxic pollution than shown in their environmental product declarations (EPDs).

The report, “Flooring’s Dirty Climate Secret,” also says all PVC flooring sold in the United States — regardless of its origin — was produced using asbestos, mercury and per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) — toxic chemicals that many people thought have been phased out.


More resins see April price hikes, but not polyethylene

North American prices for PET bottle resin, polycarbonate and nylon were all up in April, the result of strong demand, supply chain issues and operating issues at some plants.

Polyethylene prices, meanwhile, were flat, but only after extended negotiations between buyers and sellers.

PET prices moved up an average of 2 cents in April, a result of strong seasonal demand. Prices already had been up 27 cents in the first three months of the year. The April hike also was affected by supply tightness and freight and logistics challenges.


Most resin buyers saw higher prices through the spring

North American commodity resin pricing was a mixed bag in April, with three materials up, one down and one flat. In addition, prices for engineering resins nylon 6, nylon 6/6 and polycarbonate all increased in April.

Polypropylene buyers were the only group to see a decrease, as prices dropped an average of 1 cent per pound, matching a similar change in price for polymer-grade propylene monomer.


Ford to use 20% recycled, renewable plastics by 2025

Ford Motor Co. is keeping plastics involved as it moves toward sustainability.

The Dearborn, Mich.-based auto giant wants to have 20 percent renewable and recycled plastics in its vehicles by 2025, technical expert Alper Kiziltas said May 25 at the Injection Molding & Design Expo in Detroit.

With 700 pounds of plastic in a midsized vehicle, that’s a big opportunity for sustainable materials. Increasing the amount of post-industrial and post-consumer recycled plastic and using bio-based content reduces exposure to commodity markets for virgin resin, Kiziltas said.


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Kickstart: Recycling’s ‘guilt-free card’ isn’t working

Single-use packaging and plastics took center stage at the GreenBiz Circularity conference this week, with concerns about the state of recycling topping the list.

Sustainability and marketing consultant Suzanne Shelton told the online portion of the event that the public sees recycling as its “guilt-free card” so we don’t have to feel bad about what we buy.

But here’s the problem, as Shelton lays out: With the public feeling that recycling’s not working, they’re uncomfortable, and companies need to help work on fixing recycling, making composting work at curbside and accelerating circularity and reuse.


High time to tackle recycling challenges

Good quality recyclates, consistent input streams and standards are lacking

In the lead-up to K 2022, the German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association, VDMA is conducting a series of interviews with leading businesspersons in the industry, under the title Way2K. Here, Prof. Dr. Hans-Josef Endres, head of the IKK Institute at Leibniz University of Hanover, explains what is needed for recycling to gain true momentum.


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