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Numbers That Matter: Interest rates, energy costs, uncertainty all on the rise

It is easy to state that recent geopolitical events are now at the top of my list of risks to the outlook for the U.S. economy and the plastics industry. But it is exceedingly difficult to assess this risk and then come up with reasonable probabilities for potential outcomes.

Try as I will, I cannot fully wrap my head around all of the possible risks that arise when a megalomaniac in charge of the world’s largest nuclear arsenal goes rogue. I am not alone in my confusion, and I know that widespread confusion is part of Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s strategy. Nevertheless, that does not make it any easier to forecast. For the time being, I am in day-to-day mode.

So let’s keep it simple and make sure we have a firm grasp on the things we do know. Conditions can and will change quickly, but there are some things about which I am pretty certain — as of today. These are my core issues.

World Oceans Day 2022 will see launch of seafood packaging from ocean-bound plastics

A recent value-chain collaboration offered a glance at how the plastics industry is finding new routes to drive circularity within the industry, with one company rolling out certified circular LLDPE and LDPE based on feedstock derived from ocean-bound plastics.


Material Insights: Resin supply chain issues may remain through 2022


Resin supply chain issues have been an “extreme challenge” and may take several months to improve, according to Howard Rappaport of StoneX Group Inc. We spoke with Rappaport on March 22 at the Plastics News Executive Forum in Naples, Fla.


Tight supplies, higher feedstock costs drive resin price increases


North American prices for PET bottle resin and polycarbonate increased in February, while the Ukraine crisis has kept upward pressure on commodity prices for March.

Regional PET prices took another big jump in February, climbing 8 cents per pound after surging 12 cents in January. As in January, the major February hike was caused by severe supply tightness and higher feedstock costs, as well as by freight and logistics challenges. PET prices were up 26 cents in 2021.

Russian invasion of Ukraine may leave manufacturers hesitant to return

Many of the companies that have moved operations outside of Ukraine or Russia might not be quick to return.



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Plastics far short of recycling goals, but let’s not give up

The plastics industry doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to achieving recycling goals. We’re good at setting ambitious targets, but not so good at reaching them.

The latest recycling numbers, released earlier this month, seem to hint that we’re on that path again.

The U.S. Plastics Pact recently gave what it called a baseline report, with data on where its member organizations were on the start of their path toward a circular economy for plastic consumer packaging. The report gives the 2020 figures, the starting point for the ambitious goals that it has set for 2025.

Multiple studies in the U.S., Europe and Asia have all concluded that plastic bags are greener than paper. A few quotes from these studies…

Studies say plastics are a green choice

One only needs to read the news or watch television to confirm that the public is biased against plastics. The constant efforts to ban and/or regulate plastics are the result of this bias. This is despite numerous independent studies that show plastics to be the greenest choice in many applications.



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