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  1. Governmental and Lobbying:


Plastics, environmental justice, economic gains debated at Senate

Democrats and Republicans on a Senate environment panel have some sharply different visions of what environmental justice means for plastics manufacturing, at least judging by a June 15 committee hearing.

Republicans at a Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing accused Democrats generally — and President Joe Biden’s administration specifically — of distorting the meaning of environmental justice or applying it unfairly.



  1. Features and News Articles:


PVC, PS resin prices take opposite paths in May

North American prices for PVC and polystyrene resins have moved in different directions since May 1, with PVC prices dropping while those for PS were on the rise.

Regional PVC prices were down an average of 2 cents in May after being flat for two consecutive months. Prices had been up a total of 2 cents in the first two months of the year, so the May drop means that prices for the material are flat so far in 2023.


Even without resin caps, plastics treaty will lead to less virgin material

A global plastics treaty that tries to cap virgin resin production has been both a goal for some key parties in the negotiations and a red line for plastics companies that don’t want to see it.

It’s too soon to say whether the treaty would include something like an explicit hard cap — some are skeptical it would. But an agreement could reinforce other steps that do the same thing and drive down use of virgin plastics, a point made by plastics executives at the treaty’s late May negotiating session in Paris.

PET bottle resin prices join PP, PVC in an early summer slump


PET bottle resin fell by an average of 2 cents per pound in May, becoming the third commodity resin to see a decrease in the month due to lower demand and feedstock costs.

Demand for PET bottle resin has been less than expected, even as warmer weather saw an increase in consumption of bottled water and carbonated soft drinks, two major PET end markets.


PN pricing chart sees June drops, nonmarket corrections

North American commodity resin prices saw drops again in June, plus Plastics News is showing significant nonmarket corrections for three materials.

The nonmarket corrections — for PET bottle resin, polypropylene and PVC — mostly reflect price rebates seen during renegotiations in late 2021 and 2022.

On the regular June changes, PN is showing price drops for polyethylene, PVC and polystyrene resins.

PE prices were down an average of 3 cents per pound for the month, according to market sources contacted by Plastics News. Prices had been flat for the previous two months. PE prices now are up a net of 3 cents so far in 2023.



  1. Recycling and Sustainability:


Recyclers see plastics treaty as ‘huge’ chance for change


Recycling companies came to the plastics treaty talks looking for policy changes to bring investment and press their point that they see recycling working, despite its challenges.

For the U.S.-based Association of Plastic Recyclers, that includes wanting the treaty to include robust extended producer responsibility rules to collect more plastic and push for global standards to design packaging for better recyclability.


Processors get help navigating the path toward sustainability

Materials maker Envalior and distribution firm Nexeo Plastics are helping processors navigate the sustainability market.

“We want to dispel confusion,” Taylor Burnham, Nexeo health care and sustainability product manager, said on a recent webinar hosted by Plastics News. “The sustainability market has been constantly and quickly evolving for several years.”



European recyclers feeling the strain as prices tumble

The European recycled plastics market is under severe pressure because of extremely low demand and lengthening supplies. Some recycling plants have been shut down and most others are operating at reduced rates in order to avoid excess stocks from developing. However, weak levels of demand mean that recyclers’ stock levels are steadily rising.

This situation applies to all recycled plastics sectors, but the situation is particularly precarious for PET recyclers where a fierce price war between recycled PET and virgin PET means that it is very difficult to operate the recycling plants economically.


New report urges packaging producers to act quickly on sustainability

While the focus of the plastic packaging sector remains strongly directed at sustainability, recycling rates have not kept pace with ambitions, according to a new report from Rabobank, a Dutch banking and financial services group.

Companies and industry groups across Europe and North America have committed to environmental protection pledges; governments are presenting regulations focused on managing plastic and plastic waste. Still, a large amount of waste never reaches recycling plants, ending up in landfills or incineration plants for energy recovery.


Plastics Recycling World Magazine


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Current Trending Topics:


Has the EU put single serve capsules at the crossroads

A look at the potential impact of the EU’s proposed Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation on the single-use capsules industry…


Compatibilisation:  Getting the best from the mix

Despite the increasing appetite for recycled plastics, the industry continues to face a few practical challenges to achieve a scalable adoption of post-consumer recycled (PCR) and post-industrial recycled (PIR) plastic.

See the latest from additive companies making immiscible polymers work together…


What’s on show at plastics recycling expo in Essen

The Plastics Recycling World Expo will take place at Messe Essen in Germany on 14-15 June 2023.  This is the third time the event, organized by AMI, is happening in Essen.  Get a preview of those exhibiting…


Precise and powerful:  new shredders on the market

Shredding machines are getting better at handling more challenging input material types and sizes, while also delivering higher quality results. Get the details…


Developers work on solutions for process waste

The latest equipment developments for post-industrial plastics recycling focus on the continued emergence of integrated shredder and granulation technologies capable of processing a wider range of plastic waste, while ensuring effective size reduction, floor space use and energy efficiency while allowing for easier handling and downstream processing.



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