Montachem Media Monitoring Report, January 2022

Montachem Media Monitoring Report, January 2022


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From EPR to ‘picking on plastics,’ groups see continued strong focus

Like plastics industry lobbyists, environmental groups and government officials expect a lot more legislation and activity this year around plastics, waste and environmental issues.

That’s been the clear trend line. In 2021, for example, Maine and Oregon passed the country’s first extended producer responsibility laws for packaging, opening the door to regulations that companies pay much more of the cost to recycle.

As well, governments in CaliforniaWashington state and New Jersey have all passed tough new mandates on recycled content in plastic packaging.


January 2022 Polymer Points Live: What’s coming next for PE, PP? (Video)

Polypropylene and polyethylene prices are in the spotlight in this month’s Polymer Points Live. After falling in November and December, what’s coming next? The discussion with Frank Esposito also covers other commodity resins, engineering thermoplastics and recycled resins.


European Green Deal: Giving the public a say

The European Commission has opened a new, eight-week public comment period that is intended to generate feedback for the development of a new European Union policy framework on the use of bio-based, biodegradable and compostable plastics.

The public comment period by the European Commission’s Environment services group launched Jan. 18 and continues through March 15.


A surprising jump in prices for one resin while others dip

PET resin prices took a surprising jump in January even as two other resins continued a slide.

North American PET bottle resin prices surged up 12 cents after being flat in December. That major hike was caused by severe supply tightness and higher feedstock costs as well as by freight and logistics challenges.

North American prices for polypropylene and suspension PVC resin prices both slid 3 cents per pound during the month.


Assessing the risks to plastics manufacturers of higher energy prices

…With that introduction, I offer for your consideration a chart comparing the price of crude oil to my Resins Price Index. Regular readers will recognize this chart from columns past, but I am certain you share my opinion that it never grows old.

As always, there are two crucial points to this chart. First, the intermediate and long-term trend in the price of plastic resins tends to follow the trend, with a lag, in the price of crude oil. As you can see, the price movement in the crude oil market is more volatile than the price movement in resins. So resin prices do not follow every wrinkle in the oil market. But, over time, the correlation is quite robust.


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Kickstart: The expense of easy recycling


We all know we need to bring recycling rates up. But is the answer a $3,500 new appliance for your home?

The Washington Post has a story from CES 2022 in Las Vegas on two technology startups that aim to make it easier for consumers to recycle with another home electronic gadget.


Packaging firms join call for global treaty to ‘reduce virgin plastic production’

Ahead of the expected start of negotiations on a global plastics treaty, some large plastics packaging firms are joining a call from financial institutions and consumer product companies for a robust agreement that aims to cut virgin plastic production.

Packaging firms Berry Global Group Inc., Amcor Ltd., Alpla Inc. and Greiner AG signed on with a Jan. 17 statement from more than 70 businesses, including global brands like Coca-Cola Co. and Walmart Inc., urging negotiators at the upcoming United Nations Environment Assembly session to start serious talks.


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