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  1. Governmental and Lobbying:


Debate on regulating PVC waste heats up


The Environmental Protection Agency’s tentative decision in mid-January not to regulate PVC as a hazardous substance has prompted a spirited back-and-forth over whether it was the right move.

Many vinyl and construction groups weighed in the week of Feb. 13, telling EPA in formal comments to stick to its decision and said the widespread use and disposal of PVC is safe.

Environmental and health groups, for their part, urged EPA to reverse course and took to social media to say the massive Feb. 3 train accident in Ohio involving railcar loads of vinyl chloride monomer adds to their case.

Pushback on Canadian recyclability labeling plan

The Canadian government said it’s getting pushback on its proposal for stricter standards around recyclability and compostability labeling, which would require a package to be accepted by 80 percent of collection systems to be called recyclable.

The proposal is part of plan from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government that would also set up a “plastics registry” requiring annual reporting around how plastics are used in the Canadian economy and managed at their end of life.


  1. Features and News Articles:


COVID-19’s long-term impacts change expectations, approaches

The impact of COVID-19 might be waning more than three years after the pandemic first struck, but there are some fundamental changes in the workplace that have taken hold.

The early days of lockdowns brought many nonessential businesses to a halt amid widespread fears of the unknown. And a return to normalcy, or at least a new normal, means plastics companies no longer rely on the same old game plan to get through the day, according to a panel of company officials at the Plastics News Executive Forum.

Material Insights: February resin prices increase despite economic concerns [Video]

PVC and polystyrene resin prices have already settled for February, with increases for both materials. Feedstock prices and seasonal construction activity were factors, Frank Esposito explains. While the economy may be slowing, North American buyers may be restocking; there’s more on that in the video.

US Plastics Pact will miss some 2025 targets

With new data showing major brand companies in the U.S. Plastics Pact lagging their own targets for recycled content in plastic packaging, the head of the group said it likely it won’t meet all its 2025 goals.

The pact’s latest annual report, released Feb. 23, showed companies had 8 percent post-consumer or bio-based plastic content in their packaging in 2021, well off the pace to hit a target of 30 percent by 2025.


  1. Recycling and Sustainability:

Efforts underway to expand PET thermoforming recycling


PET thermoform recycling is making strides, but the road is long and many a footstep lay ahead.

PET bottles could be considered a poster child for polymer recycling, with almost 30 percent of the material reused. Only high density polyethylene recycling numbers come close, but the PET total still lags far behind the recapture rate of other substrates such as aluminum, steel and paper.



Plastics Recycling World Magazine


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Ambitious New EU Rules for Packaging and Packaging Waste

The EU’s revised Packaging and Packagin Waste Regulation will place more pressure on the plastics packaging and recycling sectors. Get the details…



Polystyrene Recycling Gains Traction

Collaboration among materials and technology companies had led to a string of mechanical and chemical recycling projects for polystyrene and other styrenic polymers.



Recycling Packaging Films Need Flexible Approach

To meet the technical challenges of recycling film-based packaging waste, an innovative and flexible approach is needed. A lot of work is going on in plastics recycling to create the technological basis for a circular economy in flexible packaging.



Pelletiser Innovations Target Quality Gains

The latest pelletiser introductions are engineered for better and more efficient performance with simplified maintenance.




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