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Current Trending Topics in the News with Links to Articles:


  1. Governmental and Lobbying:


EPA puts vinyl chloride monomer on priority list for safety review


Following public pressure, the Environmental Protection Agency on Dec. 14 named vinyl chloride monomer to its next group of five legacy chemicals that could receive high priority risk assessments under chemical safety laws.

A vinyl industry group predicted that the EPA review would show that VCM, a key building block for PVC, is safe, while environmental and public health organizations welcomed the decision to study VCM and said it would be one of the most important chemical reviews the agency has done.

EPA’s news release included a statement from the head of Beyond Plastics, one of the groups that has been pushing the agency to look at VCM.


Congress proposes nationwide ‘Farewell to Foam’ legislation


More than 50 lawmakers in Congress called for a national ban on expanded polystyrene foodservice products on Dec. 7, saying they wanted to build on similar plastic foam bans that have passed in 11 states since 2019.

Sen. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., and Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas, led the introduction of the “Farewell to Foam Act,” saying that by 2026 it would ban EPS foodservice products, loose-fill packing peanuts and nonmedical disposable foam coolers.

Industry groups said the legislation could force switches to alternative materials with higher greenhouse footprints and that EPS is not a major source of pollution, but Van Hollen pointed to pollution of waterways and health concerns around chemicals and microplastics.


  1. Features and News Articles:

With 2023 still unsettled, experts assess resin markets for 2024

North American resin prices barreled through November with the same reckless behavior they’ve shown in the first 10 months of 2023 — and 2024 might hold more of the same.

Prices for PVC and polystyrene declined for the month, with polypropylene prices up, polyethylene prices flat and prices for PET bottle resin unsettled as of Dec. 7.

PP prices surged for the third consecutive month, following higher prices for polymer-grade propylene (PGP) feedstock. Prices for PP closed up an average of 5 cents per pound for November.



APR expands recognition program to include polypropylene

A recognition program aimed at boosting plastics recycling is expanding to include polypropylene.

Association of Plastic Recyclers is adding six new packaging components to the trade group’s Preferred Design Recognition Program, including the new polypropylene eligibility.

The program, formerly known as Meets Preferred Guidance, provides third-party validation that products are compatible with North American recycling systems, APR said. The program also indicates the packaging has achieved “preferred status” according to the APR Design Guild for Plastics Recyclability.

That design guide can be used by packaging designers and makers to ensure the products they are making and using can be handled by the plastic recycling infrastructure.


  1. Recycling and Sustainability:


November European recycled resin prices vary, demand subdued


In November, recycled plastics price developments presented a mixed picture. R-HDPE and R-LDPE prices had edged higher in October for the first time since summer 2022. In November, however, HDPE prices remained unchanged and R-LDPE prices fell back slightly. R-PP prices dipped again in November; R-HIPS prices also edged lower. R-PET prices continued to decline last month because of lower costs, weak demand, and the falling cost of virgin material.

The low level of demand which has plagued the plastics recycling industry for so long failed to show any sign of recovery in November. In addition, call-offs were further restrained as processors started to run down stocks in preparation for the year-end accounts.



Rising cost of virgin material spurs prices for recycled PE in Europe


The European recycling industry has mostly continued to suffer from falling prices and profitability during the last two months. Recycled plastics prices are under severe pressure because of persistent weak demand and cheaper imports from Asia. Inadequate margins being earned mean the European recycling industry may likely be forced to consolidate further over the coming months.

On a more positive note, the rising cost of virgin material has boosted recycled polyethylene and stabilized prices for recycled high impact polystyrene. Recycled PET and recycled polypropylene prices have continued to fall.


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