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  1. Governmental and Lobbying:


Some state lawmakers push national EPR conversation


With four U.S. states passing extended producer responsibility laws for packaging and plastics in the last year, some lawmakers and advocates hope those actions will build support for a national approach.

On a recent webinar organized by the Product Stewardship Institute, several state legislators closely involved in EPR policy looked at laws that have passed in Maine, Oregon, Colorado and California, and pointed to what could be next.

  1. Features and News Articles:

Supply chain problems continue to hit US chemical sector


Major supply chain problems have continued well into 2022, and in some cases have got worse, according to a survey by the American Chemistry Council. In particular, transportation-related issues continued through the first half of the year, having a prolonged impact on manufacturing operations in the U.S.

Supply chain and freight transportation disruptions have been harming survey respondents’ activities for three consecutive quarters. As well as lost manufacturing and customer orders, they reported that higher shipping costs were being compounded by expensive workarounds. These include increased inventories, investing in additional rail cars, and having to commit extra resources to managing shipments.

Dow temporarily cutting PE production by 15 percent

Dow Inc., one of the world’s largest polyethylene resin makers, is temporarily reducing global nameplate capacity for that material by approximately 15 percent.

A spokesman for Dow in Midland, Mich., confirmed the move in an Aug. 25 email to Plastics News. He added that the move isn’t based on current capacity utilization rates.

In an Aug. 24 letter to customers obtained by PN, Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics President Diego Donoso said that the cutback was tied to “continued global logistics constraints,” including port and rail congestions in the U.S. Gulf Coast and “dynamic conditions” in Europe.


  1. Recycling:

Collaboration key as demand increases, says recycling executive

Market forces in plastics recycling are creating a willingness to collaborate at a level that Jon Stephens says he has never seen before in his lengthy career.

Stephens is president of Natura PCR, a subsidiary of Avangard Innovative of Houston that reprocesses post-consumer low and linear low density polyethylene, which is then used to make new film, bags and extruded products.

“We all have to work together because if one fails and the other succeeds, that seems a little unstable to me,” Stephens said at a recent recycling summit organized by plastics additives maker Baerlocher USA in Covington. “By working together we can move the needle. If we all work in silos, we don’t move fast enough.”

And moving fast is a key in today’s plastics recycling market as many consumer packaged goods companies have established post-consumer recycled content goals for their packaging pegged to either 2025 or 2030. Or both.

These targets, which in some cases are quite aggressive, are creating a need for companies along the recycled plastics value chain to work more closely together in an effort to provide enough recycled content.

Signs of price downturn in European recycled plastics as demand falters

In July, recyclers of most plastics in Europe were able to raise prices thanks to continued demands for their materials. But not all recyclers managed to pass through the full energy and bass material costs.

Recycled PET colored posted a triple-digit price increase as strong demand, particularly from Eastern European converters, outstripped availability. Recyclers of low density polyethylene black extrusion pellet also achieved a large price increase with settlements rising by €50 per tonne as a result of strong demand for construction applications.

The surprise was that clear, food grade recycled PET prices failed to rise for the first time since January 2021. Recycled high density PE black injection molding pellets and recycled polypropylene prices also rolled over from the previous month. All other recycled plastic types registered price gains in the order of €10-30 per tonne during July.

Panel: Plastics recycling is more than just about pounds recovered

Plastics recycling, really all recycling, has long-been commonly measured by the amount of material diverted from landfills and incineration. But increasingly, the business is being judged by greenhouse gas emission impacts.

Both companies and municipalities are placing a greater emphasis on GHG emissions as the evaluate the effectiveness of recycling efforts, said Scott Pasternak, department manager at Burns & McDonald, a recycling and solid waste consulting firm.



Plastics Recycling World Magazine


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Current Trending Topics:


Looking for success in chemical recycling

The success of chemical recycling projects will depend not just on technology, but feedstock supply, purification, costs and more. Here they report on polystyrene and polyolefin developments.



De-Inking raises quality of packaging recyclate


High quality recyclate with flexible productivity are the aims of new developments and installations of washing and dying facilities. Ink removal is a focus area for some companies.



Appetite grows in OEMs for recycled materials


Manufacturers are becoming more confident about incorporating recycled plastics in electronic devices, appliances and car components.  Groups discuss their needs for secondary materials.



Gearing up for K2022 – Event Guide/Preview


It’s that time again:  K2022 kicks off in a few short months.  In the section, we look ahead to the global plastics key event – and provide essential links to help you get the most from your visit.




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