Montachem and NSU Celebrate 3rd Year of Partnership

Montachem recently celebrated its third year of partnership with Nova Southeastern University (NSU). Since 2021, Montachem has funded the NSU IN-SIGHT program* which in 2024 will focus on research and the preparation of an appropriations request to the Florida state legislature for a state-wide beach cleanup initiative. Students will meet with local representatives, state senators, Florida-based non-profits, and environmental groups to discuss the importance of beach cleanup efforts and solicit support for funding and their appropriations request.   
Montachem looks forward to its continued work with NSU to further education related to plastic waste management issues. Montachem views education as a key pillar of a successful global sustainability strategy.
*The IN-SIGHT program advances the mission of the NSU Center for Applied Humanities: Positive Change, Public Good—the ways in which perspectives from the humanities disciplines, such as literature, history, philosophy, and political science, may be applied to achieve problem-solving in the local and global community.