Do you need plastic for your new project? we are the solution


Serving the plastics industry since 1988, Montachem International distributes a complete line of thermoplastic resins and related additives to meet the needs of plastics’ converters around the globe.

With sales offices worldwide, Montachem is an international sourcing solution, delivering the highest level of customer service and competitive pricing structures.  Montachem boasts solid, long-lasting customer and supplier relationships and their outstanding financial performance makes Montachem a stable, reliable partner. Montachem is poised for international growth and is currently focused on increased investments in high-performing markets.

Montachem’s wide-ranging product line includes Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, PVC, PET and others.

Core values:

Honesty and integrity
Teamwork and communication
Leadership and motivation
Respect and commitment


To be the value driven leader in global plastic trading and distribution.


To deliver quality products and overall value with outstanding customer service for resin converters worldwide.


Competitive price structure – flexible and low operational costs
Global sourcing solution
In house world class logistics infrastructure
Personal profesional con inteligencia profunda de productos y mercados
Professional staff with deep product and market intelligence
Expert sales team
Solid, long – lasting costumer and supplier relationships
Superior financial performance and stability
Poised for growth and focused on high growth markets globally